All About Creative Trade

When I work with clients who are just starting their creative businesses they usually have a lot of questions. One main concern for start up creatives is the amount of resources needed to build a successful business:


-wireframe website

-branded photography


-paid ads 

-CRM software 

-the list goes on!

If you are just starting your own business I want to tell you all about an opportunity too many new business owners don’t take advantage of, either because they don’t know about it or because they don’t understand it. 

Allow me to tell you all about the creative trade.


A creative trade is the process of trading specialties with another creative so the both of you give something and get something. Creatives can trade website branding, graphic design work, copywriting, photography and/or videography, and more!


Creative trades are an obvious advantage for creatives who have limited resources and want to elevate their brands without breaking the bank. Start-up creatives certainly benefit from swapping expertise with another business owner. 

However, I recommend creative trades for even more established creatives. Why? Because they are a GREAT opportunity for networking! We all know how difficult it can be to network, and the pandemic and remote work has made it even harder. Building relationships through creative trades increases your network and also gives you the chance to “try out” a service before recommending it to friends and colleagues. 

Lastly, be sure to capitalize on your existing network. You don’t necessarily have to meet a ton of new people to start creative trading! Sometimes neighbors, online friends or peers have creative businesses they are starting, and connecting with them to do a creative trade would benefit the both of you!

We at Wave Creative Studio personally see great value in creative trades, and if you are interested in creative trades with other businesses but don’t know where to start, we have put together some great resources for you!

Facebook Groups We Recommended for Creative Trades (free to join!):

  • Bucketlist Bombshells Community
  • Freelancing Females
  • Societygal – A Community For Creative Female Entrepreneurs

Website just for Creative Trades and Exchanging services (subscription of $12/month):

Barter & Be is a website that specifically facilitates creative trades. You can meet other creatives and share talents within this user-friendly website founded by two extremely creative and successful women!


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