Why Your Business Needs a Branded Photoshoot

Exploring the California coast, stepping away from daily social noise, and collaborating with the ocean to co-create an energy that fuels intention, positivity, and success–both personally and professionally. 

That is the story of Wave Creative Studio’s branded photography. We live it every day, and it’s communicated throughout our website and socials. 

Branded photography is a critical component of successful businesses, and we’ve learned this since being founded in 2018. 

Not sure if branded photography is necessary for your business? No idea where to start looking for photographers? 

No worries, we’ve got you! 

We’re going to break down:

Why a branded photo shoot is so important

When is the right time to invest in quality branded photos

And give you the inside scoop on Wave Creative Studio’s experiences with brand photography (and share who we recommend!!)

Stick with us and keep reading to learn how you can elevate your business through effective brand photography!

Why do I need a branded photoshoot?

Brand photography elevates your business in so many ways (but here are 5 major ones):

  1. Storytelling! Branded photos tell a story about your business that connects with your audience and evokes feelings that draw them to your brand. Ultimately branded photos tell your business’s story and should feel authentic to reach your ideal customers!
  1. Lots of content! When you have a meaningful collection of branded photos you can use them on your website, but also on your social platforms, when you run ads, in your email newsletters, in content marketing, you get the point. Having a stash of great photos will allow you to truly make your brand apparent in every aspect of your business. 


Branded video shoots are another option to elevate your business! Incorporating video is a really effective way to communicate a message without needing to write any copy (bonus!). Of course, if you don’t have branded photos yet you should definitely start with that.

3. A major time saver! Trying to take your own photos or source stock images for your website or social platforms is a major waste of time and energy! That time and energy would be so much better allocated to projects that move your business forward.

4. Your business looks more credible and professional! Attracting the right customers means clearly articulating who you are and then inviting them in. Quality branded photography tells potential customers right away that you are a credible, professional business they can trust to serve them in amazing ways. First impressions drive business, so make sure yours is great! 

5. Invest in your business!!! We know, branded photoshoots can be expensive. But if you are elevating your business to new heights you will have to invest in yourself, your business, and your future. Branded photoshoots give you the leverage to keep moving forward. You should be considering branded photography an INVESTMENT instead of an expense. 

When do I know it’s time to invest in a branded photoshoot?

Short answer: ASAP. 

While we’ve already covered the expense of branded photoshoots, there really is no better way to instantly give your business a boost that will both drive conversions and attract new customers. That’s why we recommend investing in a branded photoshoot as soon as you have the finances to do so. 


Still worried about spending so much money? We get it! A creative trade is a great budget-friendly option! Basically you can often offer a creative service (like copywriting or graphic design) for a free exchange of a branded photoshoot! A lot of creatives take this route when they are starting up.

Our experience at Wave Creative Studio

At Wave Creative Studio, we totally understand the value of compelling brand photography. We also know how difficult it can be to find a photographer who can effectively capture your brand and elevate your messaging through visual media. Thankfully we have done the hard work for you. 

This past year Wave Creative Studio has worked with Allison Darling Photography for brand photography. Allison is a professional photographer based in Cincinnati who we are so excited to have as our brand photographer!

Allison is an amazing creative who is dedicated to ensuring that your brand is captured though well-planned and thought-out photoshoots. Remember the storytelling aspect we said is so important? Good! Allison collaborates with her clients to strategize photoshoots that will tell the story of your business in a way that only photos can. 

We recommend Allison to any new or established businesses looking to elevate their brand through photography. Allison recently launched a new photo shoot subscription service to make booking with her a no-brainer. You can find Allison through her website or over on Instagram.

Phew, that was a lot. Hope you found it helpful! Stay connected to us and follow our blog to hear more about how to elevate your business, grow your customer base, and make some serious waves. 

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