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Samantina is a mental health care advocate, educator and actress. A survivor of parental abuse, Samantina sought mental help in college after experiencing a life-changing emotional meltdown. Throughout her therapy sessions, Samantina addressed her past traumas and the source to her unconscious behavior that often lead to unfortunate outcomes. 

As a result of her breakthrough, she has identified self-care rituals that are imperative for the recovery of people who are coping with childhood traumas. She dedicates her time to opening dialogues with other survivors in hopes that this gesture will help them heal so they can go out there and make their wildest dreams come true. 

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After taking a deep dive into your vision and mission, I do creative research to create a solid foundation for our direction.

Three custom creative directions are presented to choose from. Each direction hones in on your businesses mission.

Your bespoke brand is designed and delivered to you within one week using our streamlined creative process.

Beginning with wireframes and then moving into website development, your new online home is completed within two weeks.

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